"Happiness Looks Gorgeous on You"

Who is Alicia Bond? "I'm a Woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal Woman, That's Me!" Beyond whipping up Glamour Rituals, playing with Beauty Magic and Manifesting a Fantastic Life in My Altar Room, I'm a Boy Mom of 4 Incredible Sons. I'm Ultra Girly. I'm a Writer. I love Horses, Music and I love to Dance. I am in a Total Space of My Life Where I am Following my Heart!

☁☁☁ "She walks in beauty, like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies and all that best of dark and bright meet in her aspect and her eyes..."Lord Byron ☁☁☁
My Journey

"Beauty is whatever gives you joy"

What is your idea of Beauty? I believe Beauty is an attitude! It’s confidence! It’s being your own Muse, being a Vixen and being a Venusian Goddess! For too long, as women we have been told what beauty is, how to look, behave and feel about beauty, sex, love and money. I am an Iconoclast! I believe in challenging beliefs. Performing beauty rituals just makes sense in my heart because I honor my temple which includes both my physical and spiritual bodies. I combine my knowledge of spirituality, magic and love for glamour, fashion and makeup. I get to create my Beauty and this brings me joy.

What is Beauty Magic?

Beauty Magic is a very ancient form of magic that employs rituals which use perfumes, soaps, hair brushes and mirrors to create a particular effect with your physical being or to attract a particular outcome like love, blessings or protection. Beauty magic elevates your regular makeup application and beauty routines when you infuse your cosmetics with intention, call in the elements with candles and baths to enhance your inner goddess and enhance charms and talismans to carry on your person. It's the ultimate glow up!

My journey

How can Glamour Rituals help You?

Glamour rituals create an illusion with makeup that can allow you to project your ideal social self image and manifest your personal goals. They can also assist you in speaking your truth, setting boundaries and transforming your mood when feeling down to a more uplifted state.

why Bond Beauty

Become an Iconic Beauty...

Is there an Iconic Beauty inside of you who is yearning to be free? An Iconic Beauty is a woman who decides for herself what it means to be beautiful and stands in that truth. She presents herself with elegance, glamor, strength, and poise because she attends to her beauty and her spirit. She is guided by the light that radiates from her heart. She loves and appreciates who she uniquely is and is inspired in the way she dresses, communicates and cares for herself. If you feel stuck or uninspired in any way. If you don't feel the most sensual and alive in your skin, you owe it to Yourself to Create the Life of your Dreams, to Heal, to Play and to Be BIG, Brilliant, Beautiful & Iconic. Subscribe for updates!

Become an Iconic Beauty

Bond Beauty is a beauty revolution where you can grow, heal and learn rituals to manifest the most beautiful You