Your Magic Man - The Key to Your Self Image

Your Magic Man - The Key to Your Self Image


Low self esteems stems from abuse and abandonment in childhood or other forms of trauma experienced in life.  Your self image is how you see, feel, and the things you believe about you.   It affects your relationships with others, career success or lack there of, money and just about every part of your life.   


    • Do you say negative things about yourself or are critical even jokingly?
    • Do you ignore your achievements or blame yourself when things go wrong? 
    • Do you compare yourself to others and think that they are better than you? 


These are a few signs of a low self esteem which affect your self image.

Even though I have helped clients to manifest True Love and make Millions in their Business, I know what it’s like to struggle with my self image.  How I saw myself and treated me affected every part of my life.  There was a point as long as I could remember, I lived in survival mode.  I was over-working, over-thinking and over-giving to others.  I read every book I could and took every course trying to make a change to find abundance, flow and love but no matter how much money came in I was still struggling. I lived in a feast or famine manner.


I also wanted love but the men that showed up didn’t match what I desired in my heart.  My other relationships suffered too.  I left abusive relationships with family members and cut out other toxic people and situations.  I did tons of healing around my traumas in this life. 


It wasn’t until a very valuable and key male in my life and I were really at odds. He wasn't someone I could easily cut out.  I wondered how this could be here after I had done so much work towards healing and it really baffled me. I was really devastated that this situation was present.  However, it was there for a very important reason, to make me pay attention and wake up. 


I was presented with the question by someone else who asked, “Where was my place with men and raising males with limited access to men?”  At that moment it intuitively dawned on me to look at the Wounded Masculine and I realized that this distorted energy was affecting my love, money, heath and success because how you do one thing is how you do everything.  It was the Masculine Energy inside of me.  It didn’t matter how much Feminine self care & self love practices I did until this one area was healed.  It’s like spraying perfume or air freshener over a dirty body or home as opposed to bathing and cleaning up.  

A few traits that show up for a woman with a internal Wounded Masculine energy are: 


    • lack of structure,
    • inability to be productive,
    • feeling unsafe,
    • lacking direction,
    • lack of energy and
    • anger. 


In our society, we are bombarded with messages of who to be as a woman - be in your feminine, girl power, practice self care and self love, be submissive and soft but have a career woman, you can do it all then we get criticized if we are too much in our masculine.  Be strong like a woman, not like a man and when we get home it can be hard to switch roles.  Organized religion teaches that we should let a man lead in a relationship.  We hustle trying to be perfect and at the end of the day we struggle and can be completely overwhelmed.  Yet, no matter how much we are hustling, we still don’t feel we are successful, measure up, and meet our desires.  If we do have love or money we still might not wake up fulfilled or we put ourselves last.   It can all be too confusing, frustrating and draining.  


Let’s not leave the men out.  They get a lot of messages too which make it hard for men to know what it means to be a man nowadays and to express their emotions.  They suffer with anger, struggle with self-confidence and to connect in relationships with women.   


There’s also a huge gender war.  We all see that the dynamics between men and women have changed.  They are attacking and are dissatisfied with each other. Each has what they feel is a valid side. However, this is a huge issue because it means there is a battle going on inside of us.  Here’s the thing as souls, we have both masculine and feminine energies.  If there’s fighting on the outside, it means there’s fighting on the inside.  Everyone is a projection of what’s inside.  


Just as it intuitively came to me about the Wounded Masculine, I was also guided to Magic Rituals to heal this Masculine Energy inside of me.  You see it’s essential to heal and transform the Masculine first before the Feminine can rise.  When the Divine Masculine is healthy, he can provide and protect her and the Divine Feminine can shine in all her glory, beautiful and wild.  


We are living in a time where the Divine Feminine is really being celebrated but the two can’t exist without each other.  The Divine Masculine is a powerful force that is essential to our lives.  This is not a process about telling you who you are or should be as a Man or a Woman.  It’s about helping you to Discover the Magic Man inside through rituals and practice so he can transform your life.   This Divine Masculine is an incredible part of all of us, regardless of your outside gender.  


Creating a Beautiful You & a Beautiful Life is getting the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine to work together.   How I see it Self Image is the Masculine, the God of Your World & Self Care is the Feminine, the Goddess.  So, what does this have to do with beauty?  In a nutshell, the higher your self image, self esteem and confidence, the more beautiful you will see yourself and feel.  Others will notice too!


Guiding people from abandoning and abusing themselves, suffering with the effects of trauma to finding balance and healing, showing up for themselves and loving all of who they are through this process of Discovering Your Magic Man, the Divine Masculine is my passion.  I love seeing people heal, manifest their dreams and find joy.  Booking a 1:1 Coaching Session with me is a way you can get started on your Self Image Transformation and finding this Divine Masculine within.


The journey to allow your Magic Man transform your life is different for each person. Sometimes it’s a rapid shift and sometimes it takes a bit more time.  However, I have found if you have tried everything and patterns keep repeating this is a sign.  If you have hit a rock bottom place and want change with every fiber of your being, Your Magician will appear and great things will happen in your life.  Click Work with Me to get started today!

Alicia Bond

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